About WhatMUG


WhatMUG is a community of computer users enthusiastic about everything Macintosh.

We are located in Bellingham, WA. Since 1990 we have created a forum for "Mac" users in Whatcom County and beyond to come together to learn, share knowledge, resolve problems and have fun using Macintosh computers in daily life.

WhatMUG was founded in 1990 in Bellingham, WA as a user group devoted to furthering knowledge about Apple computers. WhatMUG is recognized by Apple Computer as a Macintosh User Group.

As of January 2012, our group has suspended monthly meetings and exists as a Google forum, where we encourage discussion and questions/answers about anyone's Mac issues. Everyone is welcome to join our online group, where you can talk with other members about "Mac" related topics.

To join the Google WhatMUG group, go to groups.google.com/group/whatmug and click the apply for group membership link. We no longer have monthly meetings, but we encourage and will support incidental meetings by those who wish to make Mac-related presentations. If you'd like to make a presentation, sponsor a meeting, or just meet other Mac-minded people for coffee now and then, make an announcement on the Google group. There will likely be others who will join you.